Raw talent and passion can only take you so far. Aspiring to be a professional photographer can involve some pretty intense training. SEPPA has spent almost 100 years teaching you how to make a career in the industry. In partnership with our affiliate states and regional schools, SEPPA offers programs that will ensure you learn the foundation for a successful career. Understanding how and why photography evolved as an art form, and not just a chemical or digital process, is essential. Composition, lighting, posing, marketing, advertising, digital manipulation and business management are just some of the topics you need to master to be successful long term.

Our programming is designed to give you that information and answer your questions so you can expand your knowledge base.


Lamarr School - John Herrell, Director  (September 18-22, 2016)

Photoworks Georgia - Kevin Jiminez, Director    (April 17-22, 2016)

Florida Photography Workshops - Marybeth Jackson, Director   (June 7-10, 2015)

East Coast School - Rex Truell, Director   (June 14-17, 2015)