Encompassing the entire southeast of the continental United States, SEPPA is the largest regional affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America.  We welcome wedding photographers, family and baby photographers, commercial photographers, fine art photographers…anyone in the photographic industry who wants to invest in their future through education, networking and competition.

For almost 100 years, SEPPA has provided the tools for making members successful in the photographic industry.  Partnering with our 11 affiliate states and the District of Columbia, as well as four PPA affiliate schools in the region, SEPPA is committed to providing the very best in education, networking and camaraderie. We share the mission of our member states and our parent association by encouraging an open exchange of ideas in order to create an atmosphere of mutual cooperation.  Since you are automatically a member of SEPPA upon joining your state affiliate, SEPPA doesn’t compete with its state affiliates. Rather we add another layer of member benefits to your state membership which include:

 -hosting the PPA District judging annually.  SEPPA members may enter affiliated print competition and actually be present to see their entries scored and critiqued.  Possibly the most valuable membership benefit, seeing your own images judged and critiqued, in addition to hundreds of other entries as well, is an educational experience that cannot be matched. 

 -every two years, the district judging is held in conjunction with a regional convention and trade show, hosting speakers and judges from all over the US.   

 -an award winning monthly on-line magazine that recognizes outstanding images from the annual judging, featuring “how-to” and informational articles written by industry leaders and publicity about interesting events in affiliate states throughout the region.

 -scholarships presented at the biennial convention applicable to week long courses at one of the four regional PPA schools in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia or Florida. 

 -by providing a professional network of almost 4000 passionate, working professional photographers, your automatic  SEPPA membership makes your state membership even more valuable.  SEPPA adds one more opportunity for success by expanding the pool of available mentors beyond the geographical borders of your home state.  You will also typically receive special savings at any other SEPPA affiliate state event if you choose to visit another convention or seminar other than in your home state.

 -we incorporate the very best qualities of the region: hard work, members who share without hesitation, a desire to improve the industry by supporting and educating our members and providing social events that reflect the hospitality and camaraderie for which we are famous.